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About Us

Offer your deals is a clothing line based  out of Delhi focused on bringing the highest quality organic clothing wear to India. Founded by reputable designer Vijay yadav in October, 2012 with the duo having gone from a small basement operation in Elena’s home to successfully launching their online store and scaling their operations.
After founder worked for several years in the retail and fashion industries respectively, one thing became increasingly clear to him, the industry is in the midst of a deep moral and ethical crisis. With cheap labour being continuously exploited with abysmal working condition overseas and traditionally manufactured cotton using upwards of 25 percent of the world’s entire agrochemicals consisting of unimaginable amounts of insecticides and pesticides, Vijay decided enough is enough.
The duo’s vision for Offer your deals is simple, fashionable clothing wear made with organic materials that’s manufactured locally and created with the intent to make the fit so comfortable that you’ll never want to take their clothes off. To achieve such a grand vision, the company is committed to providing the best in class customer service in addition to working with only the most detail oriented local manufacturers and promoting eco-friendly fashion to the mainstream.
The guiding values and principles for the company are “guilt-free fashion” (letting customers purchase high-quality apparel without shutting out their conscious), “the clothing is in the details” (working with only the best local production factories), and “eco is not a fad, but our last chance” (sourcing organic clothing from certified suppliers).

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